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Love Him or Hate Him, He's Barry!

The New York Mets are poised to play the final leg of a three-game home stand against the San Francisco Giants and...the San Francisco Giants AND??? Barry Bonds. I'm proud to say that I will have attended all three, yes, all three games at Shea; Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and tonight's games. I say with even more pride that I have been going for the sole purpose of seeing Barry Bonds hit a home run in his quest to break the all-time record of 755, and to watch the viscious New York fans work him over with such creative chants as "You're on steriods," "You're a cheater," and various juvenile comments about what he should go and do to his mother. Its been educational. Not only about the speed with which sports fans abandon all civility and good taste, but about the Spanish language, too. The group of Hispanic guys sitting next to me heckled Bonds in English and Spanish. I learned a few new phrases, though I don't think I'll be using them