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A-Rod, and Old-Timey Base Ball...

Alex Roderiguez is once again in the spotlight...and I don't mean for the blond woman he was seen with in Toronto, I mean for that play in which he startled a Blue Jays player by yelling "hah!" to him as he was trying to catch a high pop-up. The Blue Jays player allegedly thought it was his teamate calling for the ball, and backed off, letting the ball drop and eventually allowing the Yankees to score three runs. The Blue Jays player, and the fans, and many people in major league baseball, have been debating whether or not A-Rod "did something wrong." Well, I've got a word or two for anyone--ANYONE--who is even debating this play for a minute; GROW UP. This is professional sport! This is not a Miss Manner's tea party, where we all dress up and lift our pinkies when we drink and act courteous and proper to each other! This is a game where the finest physical specimens in the world play on a dirt field wielding wooden bats, metal spikes, and hurl rock-har