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Movie Review: Into the Wild

Movie Review and Commentary: Into the Wild Synopsis (with ending spoiler): Into the Wild is a movie adapted from the book of the same title, by John Krakauer, and it is a true story. The main character is Chris McCandless, an American college graduate who is determined to live a life of adventure. Immediately after graduating college, Chris gives his life's savings to charity and sets out for the Western U.S. He soon abandons his car, burns what little pocket money he brought with him, and sets out on foot. The movie depicts the adventures Chris experienced in two years on the road with no vehicle, no identification, and virtually no money. The film is not completely chronolgical, however, and cuts back and forth between these adventures on the road, and those he experienced during final phase of his journey; his time spent living in a bus in the Alaskan wilderness. The film includes a voice-over by the main character, as well as that of his confused and hurt younger sister,