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Cheap, Good, Chilean Merlot

Cousino-Macul Merlot Santiago, Chile 2006 $9.99 I've given up trying to wax lyrical about wine; my palate isn't that sensitive, and therefore I've run out of adjectives to effectively describe how it tastes. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to me and try this surprising Chilean merlot. For $9.99 ($11.23 including tax) you can't beat this wine. It has a strong aroma of cherry and red pepper, and gives off the faintest sensation of fresh cucumber as it drifts across the palate. It has a very distinct, tongue-raspy dryness, even bordering on bitterness, and an acidic finish, that one friend even described as "grapefruit"-like. So, hey I'm out of brilliant ways to describe this wine. Suffice it to say, for the price of a trip to the movie theater, this wine is a home run. If you can find it in the wine store, I suggest you buy it. Cousino-Macul even has other varietals available, like cabernet sauvignon.