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Hillary, Please Just Stop LYING...

I could be making a mountain of a molehill on this, but I really beleive the Bosnia gaffe may have closed the book on Hillary Clinton. We're less than a month away from the Pennsylvania primary, and Hillary has just come off as a Grade A, No. 1, USDA Prime Bullshit Artiste. Not only that, but she has now seriously pissed off most people who ever served in the military, which is quite a few heads in PA and in this country. It all basically just amounts to her pushing more people away. Remember how, earlier in the year, Mitt Romney put his foot in it by saying his father "marched with Martin Luther King," or some such half-truth? do I, and look where Romney is now. He was already under fire for being a wooden and insincere speaker, but that kind of truth-bending put his credibility into serious question. Nobody knows whether or not that's the reason he lost, it probably isn't, but the simple fact people remember about it means it mattered. So will this.

Try This Out

If you have five minutes...check out this Web site called Vote Chooser It's basically a quiz that allows you to answer ten questions on current political issues, and then it spits out a result telling you which candidate most closely matches your views. It's an interesting experiment, especially if you believe you should vote on a candidate based on his or her stances on the issues. Of course, everybody knows there is a lot more to it than that, like intangibles, gut-level emotions...and the fact that, when it comes to the issues, most politicians are slipperier than greased hogs. But, let that not stop you from trying this poll. It's good, and you might even get a result that surprises you...

Florida Won't Count For the Dems...Another Trap Door Closes For Clinton

Well, Hillary now has one less punch to pull in this race... Today the Florida Democratic Party decided there will be no more primary voting in the state, and that its 210 Democratic delegates will not be allowed to count. This is not good for Hillary, but good--or at least neutral--for Obama. Above all, I think it's the right decision, and I hope for the same result in Michigan. As far as I understand it, Florida and Michigan thumbed their noses at the Democratic Party and decided to hold their primaries before Super Tuesday. Thus, they forfeited their right to count in the Democratic nomination race. There was a movement to have this undone in Florida and, as far as I know, in Michigan, too. Certain groups were trying to force some new scenario where there would either be a new vote, or where all of the currently cast votes would be counted (Florida Democratic voters voted on primary day, but Obama's name was not on the ballot). Hillary was in favor of the latter scenario,

Step right up, get your free investment bank!!

Investment bank JPMorgan Chase just bought fellow investment bank Bear Stearns for $2 per share. That's right$2 per share. To give you an idea how ridiculous that is; Bear Stearns traded for $171 per share on January 12, 2007. What cost JPMorgan a total of $236 million today would have cost them $20.1 billion (that's billion with a B) last year. Now THAT is a discount... Of course JPMorgan's buying a hornet's nest of problems...or is it? The Federal Reserve has basically said it plans to take control of $30 billion of Bear's troubled mortgage backed securities. How much more could there be? On that point, I'm not sure. Please enlighten me if you are... Also the Fed lowered inter-bank rates on Sunday by another quarter point and announced the formation of a new type of credit facility to help banks get short-term funding. JPMorgan also has an extensive commercial bank and asset management arm against which it can borrow in order to smooth out whatever problems

More Reasons Not to Do MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Be careful what you put on your MySpace profile; it could end up in the New York Times. That is, of course, assuming you do something like sleep with a married politician first. But even if you end up in the news some other way, you're going to be held accountable for ever posted on the Internet. You know those photos of you humping the statue of Benjamin Franklin, or laying down in such a way so the Washington Monument points suggestively out of your crotch? Yes...those will end up on the nine o'clock news. In the "Activities" section, where you posted "getting violently drunk" or "getting laid" as your favorite pastimes...expect that to come back and haunt you. Whatever you want to do with your time is your business, but this is just some advice....either take down your "zany" personal profile, or tailor it so that a potential employer, or your grandma, or the reporters from your local news media won'

Spitzer Has Resigned

Well, it hurts being wrong...but I'm used to it by now. I was off by about eight days with my prediction Governor Spitzer would resign next Thursday. He has officially resigned today. When this whole thing broke out I said he wouldn't last the week, but something told me he'd buy some more time. Not so, apparently... Ah, well, the U.S. now has it's first blind governor in history, New York it's first black governor, and Hillary may have lost a superdelegate. Unless of course Paterson is granted Spitzer's superdelegate status and casts his vote for Hillary. And the saga continues...

Spitzer Update

From A Democratic source said, "it is a 'when' question on the resignation. Not an 'if'. He knows that. It is hard to come to terms with, and there are legal issues that are related to any big political decisions. But Eliot knows he cannot hold onto his job here. He might want to, but he is absolutely aware of his predicament." I've heard (read) that the resignation is not going to take place as early as Monday. I'd guess it's going to happen next Thursday, just because I like to make blind stabs at these things.

RIP Spitzer?

I'm a part-time Blogger, at best, but as New Yorker I'd be remiss if I didn't post something about Eliot Spitzer this week... If you want my gut-level judgement on the thing: he should stay and fight for his job, fight for his career. Because if this knocks him out of office, its lights-out for his political career, forever. If somehow he manages to pull out of this and continue as governor, he can serve out his term and see what happens at the polls...but at least he won't have been toppled by a such a foolish and (in the grand scheme of things) trivial act as this. I think he's got a lot of life left in him as a public servant, and though I don't agree with everything he's done, I think he deserves to continue in office. What do I actually think is going to happen? That's another story... Right now he is probably brokering some kind of deal with the prosecutors in charge of the case, or otherwise assessing his legal situation. If he indeed broke the