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My OTHER Blog.... Life in DuBois

In case this blog hasn't been feeding you with enough of my ripping, incisive social and artisitic commentary, I've started another. You see, some of my loyal readers (Brent) have been asking me, "So, what is it you do out there in central Pennsylvania?" Actually, I'm having a blast, doing a lot of things I haven't gotten to do in years, and appreciating them a lot more than I ever did before I moved to New York City. So, with that in mind, check out: You shan't be disappointed.

Help, Help! Hurricane Ike Has Stolen My TV!

I was going to write this elaborate rant about all of this Ike coverage, but I can't even find the will to rail against the modern media anymore; because if I ranted about everything I thought was ridiculous and excessive in the media, I'd never be able to leave the computer. The People need information. Sometimes this can raise public awareness, root out injustice, and even save people's lives. But I don't think all this Hurricane Ike coverage is doing any of that. This round-the-clock coverage of the Hurricanes is just--STILL--an effort by the networks to cover their asses for not paying enough attention to Katrina. Nobody wants to be "last man to the party" when the next Big One hits. Well, it looks like the locusts will get their wish. Ike looks like it's going to be huge and going to hit the Houston area very hard. But will all of this "up-to-the-minute" coverage--like the all-important multi-colored, swirling blob; the endless stories abo

A Little Shout-Out to My Friends in Prague

This is a little Bloggy Shout-Out to my friends Ted and Anjya (pictured) who have just moved to Prague to spend the year teaching English; a bold adventure which is sure to yield many great stories...some of which you can read on Ted's blog at: (It will be at the bottom of this blog as well.) Hopefully, he will pick up the trail where I left off...writing humorous and blindingly eloquent reports on life as an American abroad. Good Luck you guys...

An Open Letter to John McCain and Barack Obama

Dear John and Barack, I have one simple question for each of you (answer seperately, please): What exactly are you going to do for ME? I'm 28 years-old, I'm white, I come from a comfortable middle-class background, and like a lot of people my age, I'm trying to find a career and chart my own course in life. For the past year I've heard a lot of mumbo-jumbo said by and about both of you guys, but for the most part it just sounds like vague jabs, over-analysis, and hyper-nuanced statements that don't actually mean anything. Because, let's face it, once you get into office, all bets are off. So, why exactly should I vote for either of you guys? What are you going to do for me? Homeland Security & The War on Terror? I currently live in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Al-Qaeda is not exactly knocking on my front door. I used to live in New York City, so yes, I "get it." But I've got news for you, if somebody wants to put anthrax on the subw