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Obama is a Steelers Fan??

Okay, so I heard on the news President Obama is rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow in the Super Bowl. As a Steelers fan, I think that's just great. Whoopee. But frankly I don't think the President should be taking sides in something like the Super Bowl unless a.) one of the teams is from his hometown, or b.) one of the teams is the Washington Redskins. That's the only excuse for a President to show any kind of partisanship toward a sports team in something as big as the Super Bowl. It sounds to me like he's just trying to keep his bread buttered in Pennsylvania, where he won a somewhat unlikely victory in the election a few months ago. Add to that the fact that he did not manage to carry the state of Arizona, and probably will not ever carry it, and you see why he might have an interest in rooting for Steel City. BUT...most of the PA counties the Obama won were in the Eastern part of the state, and therefore more likely to be Philadelphia Eagles fans. The We

I'm Back...Again...With More Rotten Tomatos to Throw at Modern Culture...

Here's something that was said today by my personal favorite Money Honey, Erin Burnett (sorry Maria, I'm over you...): [paraphrased] "The government was going to subsidize the production of alternative fuel vehicles, but now we'll have to see...people have short memories, and gas prices are down now..." Ack...yes. People do have short memories. Very short. This has been proven by the markets over and over again, especially as we walked from one bubble into the next one in less than 10 years. Now, people's memories are so short that they can't remember how much they bitched and moaned when gas was creeping over $4.00 per barrell six months ago? "Gee, gas is expensive, we should build alternative fuel cars... Oh wait, it's not expensive any more, forget about the alternative fuel cars...." Because of course there's no chance, whatsoever, that the price of gas will EVER go up again. What are we? Just a bunch of monkeys in some sick ex