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Goodbye, dearest Jacko....we lost you too soon!

A legend has passed, and that deserves some acknowledgement and respect from this humble and infrequent blog. Whether or not you considered yourself a big Michael Jackson fan (and I didn't necessarily) his music was so influential that it simply could not be ignored. He was a force, a brand-name unto himself, and he was our generation's Elvis Presley. Like a lot of people, some of my earliest memories (I'm turning 30 this Fall) deal with M.J. I used to watch him on MTV with my big sister, and I remember when she bought an outrageous red leather jacket a la "Bad" with tassles all over it. I literally thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I remember watching adults try to do the Moonwalk, and laughing hysterically. I remember Ronald Reagan giving a speech with a white rhinestone glove on...or maybe I've just seen it so many times that I think I remember. M.J. was not merely a star, he was not a merely a phenomenon. If you lived or grew up during the