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Movie Review: Public Enemies

In Brief: This movie is worth the trip; great action scenes, very realisticly shot and acted, and at times will have you gripping your arm-rests in suspense. Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard turn in great performances without hamming it up one bit. This film has all the elements of a great action movie: the Villian-Hero, the Pursuer, the Love-Interest, the Bad Guys Cronies Who Die-Off One-by-One. Plus, some of the shoot-em-scenes are so will shot you will be ducking from the machine gun fire...okay that's hyperbole. But if you like action movies, this one is worth it. But take note, this is not a Biopic. You won't get much background or historical information about Dillinger or any of the characters. In fact, the only one that you get any information about is Dillinger. In a way, that's part of this movie's charm, however, I was expecting at least some clues to this man's past and/or his motivation for starting a life of crime. I was expecting to be educated to a

Indianapolis...Where you can actually get a seat in a Starbucks

I've made it out here to Indianapolis, a city that---until 36 hours ago---I knew next to nothing about. Well, I still know next to nothing about it, except whatever my keen reporter's instincts have helped me to glean from a few locals and a brief drive downtown. The nice thing about living in a midwestern city is having SPACE. I cut my teeth in New York City. Other than brief stints in Montreal and Buenos Aires, NYC is the only major city I've lived in. So I'm used to living in a chicken coop, riding to work in a moving metal chicken coop, and working in a chicken coop hundreds of feet above the ground. I'm used to moving fast, knocking people around, getting knocked around, always running behind the clock...that's what city life means for me. Not any more. This is a city (granted it's 1/10 the size of NYC) and you can still keep your personal space. What's more you can actually get a seat...a whole Starbucks!! I lived in NYC for five years