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Curing Your Own Lupini Beans...Not an Activity For The Time-Deprived or Faint of Heart

In an effort to make my life more complicated, I recently decided to brine my own lupini beans. For the uninitiated, lupini beans are a little yellow bean that comes in a thick casing which you usually discard after you pop the edible part of the bean into your mouth. If your family is from Italian or any other kind of Mediterranean descent, you probably already know what these are. If not, I highly recommend you try them. They're packed with protein, tasty, and very fun to eat. They are not, however, easy to prepare. The only time I've ever eaten lupini beans (before this year) is at my grandparents' homes during Christmas. Both sets of grandparents are Italian, by the way. Why only during Christmas? I'm not sure. Perhaps because they are considered a delicacy, but maybe just because the only times we think to eat them are on special occasions. However, on a recent trip to Pittsburgh I stopped by Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. in the Strip and nearly freaked out when I