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Q&A: Sleeping Bag's Dave Segedy

Heyo...I'm in the actual print edition of NUVO this week with an Q&A/Preview of the Bloomington-based indie rock band Sleeping Bag. These guys just released a really awesome self-titled album via Joyful Noise Records, and are playing on Friday night at the White Rabbit. Check them out! And also check out my article in NUVO if you can! The link is below:

Songwriters in the Round at the White Rabbit

Hello, hello, is short, art is long, and I've been busy as all hell. But here's my latest concert review: This was a really great night of music. Three songwriters from the Indy-Chicago area got together, reviving a tradition that apparently hasn't been in practiced since the mid-2000s around these parts. Anyway, Richard Edwards of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos was, in my mind, the main event. It was really cool to see him playing a solo, acoustic set. But check out the rest of the shant be disappointed, unless you absolutely hate music.

Latest Review: The Head and The Heart

As a consolation prize to the cancelled Decemberists show, Seattle-based The Head and The Heart played a solo show at Earth House in downtown Indy. While the performance was energetic and intense, the band seems to be a little too run-of-the-mill Folk-Rock. Read my full review at

Today's Rant: Wasteful Newspaper Mailers...or...I Thought "Newsprint Costs" Were Driving Newspapers Out of Business?

Back in the middle portion of the last decade, when a lot of newspapers were going out of business, they often cited "newsprint costs" as one reason they couldn't survive or weren't profitable. They claimed it simply cost too much to print the paper and they couldn't afford it, yada-yada-yada. Well, that doesn't seem to stop local businesses in Indianapolis from sending me enough newspaper mailers every day--EVERY DAY--to choke a wild hog. Every day (okay, four times a week) I come home and find a three-inch thick stack of newspaper mailers clogging my mailbox. Mostly they are grocery store coupons, sometimes they're coupons to local businesses, and what have you. Not only have I never, EVER used one of the coupons, but I've asked my postal workers to stop giving them to me, and they still leave them at my door. FURTHERMORE, the damned things are so big and unwieldy that sometimes my actual mail gets lost inside them and I end up being late on my bil