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TV Ghost at Cataracts last weekend...

Due to that nagging, unshakable curse known as a “full-time job,” I was only able to catch the very last band at Cataracts Music Festival in Fountain Square last Saturday. But it was well-worth driving cluelessly around Fountain Square for twenty minutes to see TV Ghost play a killer set. Walking down Morris St. in the dark, old Speckman and I followed the sound of symbols and electric bass to the back of a white, two-story house, where Lafayette-based TV Ghost were already playing to about 100 rapt fans in various states of intoxication, some of them jostling and moshing in front of the deck. Fronted by lead singer and guitarist Tim Gick, TV Ghost play what can best be described as psychedelic horror punk. There’s no better way to put it than that. Even applying the word “punk” to them seems like a cop-out, for they defy categorization. My main memory of these guys will always be the psychotic, zombie look in Gick’s eyes as he jerked his mane of curly hair—stuck up like a roos

Movie Review: Drive

Drive may be one of the best action movies of the year, and of the past ten years. Seriously. It's that good. I don't even know where to begin. It's 3:00 a.m. and I'm at a loss for words. It's shot in this really cool, 80s noir style with lots of long, slow camera shots, thumping techno music, sparse dialogue, great chase scenes, and a cool, steady-handed hero... The main character, The Driver, is played pitch-perfect by Ryan Gosling. He is a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver when he needs extra money. Right from there, you ought to be able to spot this as a killer film... The plot is also perfect: The Driver takes a job to help someone out, but it ends up backfiring as he gets involved in a setup and must exact his revenge before he's hunted down and killed himself. Okay...great character, great plot....are you with me so far? On top of that you've got some incredible cinematography, some great, pulsing, electronic music in th

Punk Night at the Melody Inn

Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn is always a reliable source of laughter, tears, cheap beer, and face-meltingly loud PUNK ROCK. Check out my review on!!! And here's my favorite paragraph from said review: Before them were the foursome Squared Away , whose testosterone-heavy swagger (and one awesome moustache) makes them seem like a pack of unruly British sailors from the early 1800s. You can just see chaps like these falling victim to a press gang in some rural Irish town in a bygone era, and then being forced to spend the rest of their lives at sea: loud, drunk, and slightly pissed off, but not so much that they don’t forget to enjoy themselves. They played a few of their own songs and a few great covers, totally grunging-up Steve Earle’s “Devil’s Right Hand.”

Dulce de Leche...or...Now I Remember Why I Gained 20 Pounds in Three Months in Argentina

I recently made a run to the international grocery super-store in Indianapolis, called Saraga. While it's terribly inconvenient, and not terribly cheap, it's really fun to shop there once in a while. It's almost like going on vacation. First off, the shopping experience itself is wild. It's this huge grocery store with food and products from all over the world, and with people of all different nationalities there. It's like another world, especially in a place as seemingly homogeneous as Indy. Even if you don't buy most of the stuff--or even know what it is--it's just fun to look around. What is that stuff in the big jar with the Japanese writing on it? The stuff that looks like monkey brains? Should I buy this outlandishly expensive yogurt from Turkey that comes in two-liter soda bottles? probably shouldn't. But it's a treat for the eyes. Secondly, once you actually make some purchases, you get to have food from around the world i