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"Drive" Soundtrack is Awesome, Naturally

I've already raved about the film 'Drive' that hit theaters last month, and I think I mentioned that the soundtrack was done by Kraftwerk. That statement was patently false. The soundtrack was influenced by Kraftwerk, but much of it was actually done by former Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer Cliff Martinez . But...the soundtrack is still really hot, and you should check it out. Unless, of course, you absolutely hate that kind of thumping, 'driving,' electronic music. It's not dance music tho, don't misunderstand, just stripped-down, simple electronica. If you know anything about Kraftwerk you'll get the picture. So, see the film or get the soundtrack...or both!

The Latest: Music, Books, and...a Recipe

And a picture of a rooster... So it's once again been a while. My own personal Bloggo has been getting short-shrift as I've been busy covering concerts for Indy's (yes, that is a humble brag). It's been a total blast, but occasionally time and my lack of time-management skills get the better of me and I neglect my own personal work. Which is what this is all about anyway, right? So now, on a nice fall evening, it's time to put on some music (Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation ) and deliver the goods to my readers. How about this: Music Recommendation: Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks latest album Mirror Traffic . Saw these guys the other night at Earth House. Whether or not you were into Malkmus in the Pavement days--and god knows they passed me by--check out this album. Some extremely elegant guitar work and poetic, fun lyrics by Malkmus make this a contemporary classic and a very accessible album. Also a good gateway into Malkmus' extensive music