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The Future of the Republican Party

This just in: The Republican Party as we know it is finished. And thank god. It's become such a weird patchwork of conflicting ideologies and oddball pretenders that I don't see how anyone can take them seriously anymore. There was a time when that party had some respectability, some class, some dignity. But it's to a point now where you can look down the entire list of Republican candidates and not see a single face that you could conceivably imagine winning the Presidential race this Fall. In my opinion, the GOP will eventually split into two groups: A.) The Bible-thumpers, Tea-Partiers, and other assorted whacked-out fringe types, and B.) the small-government fiscal conservative types who are essentially rational people and who don't care about social issues like abortion and gay marriage. Group A will ride off into the sunset and become completely ineffectual in national elections and increasingly less effectual at state and local ones. Group B will flounder for

Cord Count: 12

My daily life requires twelve (12) different cords. When did things get so f**king complicated? I didn't even count the cords to items like my lamps or the fridge or the vacuum cleaner (not that I actually use it). No, these 12 are cords that I tend to have to tote around with me every day for all of my various and sundry phones, iPods , computers, etc. Not all at once , mind you. But seriously, this is ridiculous. Read the list below and see if it doesn't this make you long for a simpler time....a time when you had to be home for someone to reach you on the phone, and you had to wait like a week to find out if your photos were any good, and people weren't glued to electric screens for 85% of their waking hours. Was it that long ago? Aye. Life moves pretty fast these days, and a man loses count. At any one time my life requires: 2 Phone chargers (one with usb, one plain old charger) 1 laptop charger 1 iPod usb/charger cord 1 hands free cell phone ear piece cord 1 pair

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes II

Let me start by giving this film the most entry-level (though not easily earned) piece of praise I can give a movie: I got my money's worth. This isn't normally the kind of film I'd shell-out hard-earned money to go see in the theatre, but I've been seeing a lot of movies lately and, well, you have to see what's there and what you're on time to see. Anyway, this is just a really fun, action-packed buddy film. Set in a sort of "steam-punk"1891 Europe, the film takes place between London, Paris, and Switzerland, as Holmes, Watson, and a female gypsy they pick up along the way, follow the infamous Professor Moriarty across the continent as he attempts to start a war. Moriarty, as it turns out, has been secretly building up a munitions factory in central Europe, with which he plans to supply the warring armies. The film turns out to be sort of a criticism of the Military-Industrial Complex which has so altered the shape of Geo-Politics in the past 70 od

Sriracha Hot Sauce: A torrid love-affair

In case you've never seen this lovely, dangerous green-topped bottle sitting on the table at your favorite Asian restaurant...I introduce you to Sriracha hot sauce. It is a devil, a temptress, a delicious condiment and yet a feared adversary not to be trifled with. I use Sriracha on just about everything you could conceivably use hot-sauce on: meat, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, anything that needs a kick in the ass where flavor is concerned. And believe me, Sriracha will give your food a kick in the ass--and give you a kick in the solar plexus. The thing about Sriracha is it's not immediately hot when you put it in your mouth. No, when it first hits your tongue it has a complex, earthy kind of chili-pepper flavor. It's thick and robust, like tomato sauce almost, not thin and acidic like the "Nuclear Hellfire" hotsauce you see in souvenir stores or what have you. No, this is actually almost like a chili relish at first. However, somewhere between swallowing and