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The Inevitability of the Romney Campaign

Might as well just begin the triumphal chorus right now: Mitt Romney 's going to win the Republican nomination. For a minute there it looked like maybe Rick Santorum might make a miracle run to front. Even I thought so. But then, I forgot one of the Cardinal rules of politics, as stated by Jimmy the Greek . Along with being a native of Stubenville, Ohio (minutes from where I grew up), The Greek was a world-famous bookie and sports commentator. He took bets on absolutely anything and everything sports-related. Few people know, however, realize he was also a politics junkie and loved to make bets on elections. Anyway, the Greek used to say that--except in times of extreme duress, like say, post-WWI Germany--the most centrist candidate will always win. I think Romney's latest wins in Michigan and Arizona have borne this adage out quite well. Look at the two Republican front-runners: Romney is this plastic, air-brushed, shrink-wrapped Barbie doll, middle-aged corporate white m

O.A.R. interview

Before the Super Bowl I interviewed the drummer for the rock band O.A.R. If you haven't heard of them, look 'em up on Youtube ...and then read this interview with their drummer, Chris Culos. I've debated posting the long version of the interview,'s pretty damn long. Enjoy!

Quick Film Review: Ides of March

Movies about politics nowadays always paint it as this low-down, back-stabbing, cut-throat game, which, it probably is. I say "probably," because I'm not privy to real underbelly of this game. I made some calls & knocked on some doors for the Obama campaign back in 2008 but that was like kindergarten compared to the serious, heavy game of professional politics. Having gotten a small taste of it though, I love to see a good political thriller like this one. And it definitely is a thriller. The tension heats up from the very beginning as Ryan Gosling's character, a campaign manager for a "Governor Morris" (Clooney) gets involved in some double-dealing with the opposing campaign and finds himself in the middle of a very uncomfortable situation between a female intern and his candidate. Long story short, Gosling learns a difficult and fast lesson in this film, which ends up being both a twist-laden drama and a frank but sad commentary on the American polit