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The Price of Gas is Going up: A Rant...

Frankly, I don't understand why there's any debate or argument over the price of gasoline, ever. Why do people get all up-in-arms about the price of a gallon of gas? Yes, of course I understand why ...because we need it to get to work, get to school, drive to see our neighbors that live three blocks away. I get it. But why do people feel like they have some Constitutional right to low gas prices? Here's an idea: Oil is a finite resource. It costs a lot to get it out of the ground. It costs a lot to refine it. It costs a lot to ship it. The more of it we use, the harder it becomes to get it out of the ground and the less of it remains in the ground. My point is: when there's an abundance of something, it's generally cheap. The less there is the more it's gonna cost. That's Economics that even a child can understand. So why all the fuss over gas prices? This is the Free Market. Those that hold the strings--in this case, the commodity--have the right to raise