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My "Mad Men" Obsession

Over the past two weeks I've become obsessed with AMC's Mad Men . Yes. I, Grant Catton, a man who ever since Seinfeld went off the air has eschewed cable T.V. with a vigor only reserved for ardent pseudo-intellectuals, have now become obsessed with a T.V. show. I'm gonna go so far as to say that good T.V. is a form of "literature." This might make some of you gasp, but I've come to this revelation after realizing that a good, well-written, complex & long-running T.V. serial can yield as much for the mind and imagination as can a great book. I do not say this lightly; only after years of turning a haughty blind eye to television have I been able to come back and embrace it with such glee (no pun intended). Therefore, you can take my recommendation seriously: watch this show. I'm desperately trying to get caught up so I can a.) start watching the current season, and b.) start reading this book of essays on the T.V. series that I just bought and which c

Titanic Memorial Cruise: Slapping Fate in the face...

Call me a, but isn't it tempting fate to launch a Titanic Memorial Cruise to commemorate the one and only voyage of History's Most Tragic Floating Irony? Sure, sure...times and technologies have changed. Ships carry better radar devices, better radio systems. There will probably be support boats following the replica ship, not to mention there are 5x as many ships on the ocean now than in 1912. Hell, there probably isn't even ICE in the North Atlantic in April anymore. Nothing could possibly go wrong...right? Does the word "Unsinkable" mean anything to you? In case you never saw the movie Titanic, or don't know your history very well, that's exactly what they said about the original ship, and look how that turned out. Not to mention the fact they are dealing Fate an obvious slap in the face, isn't the whole thing a bit--I don't know--morbid? I support the idea of taking some ships out there to the spot to host a sort