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Homeade Mango-Mulberry Sorbet

So, last week I was jogging and I saw what looked like a blackberry tree in a relatively accessible location. I stopped and tried some of the berries. They didn't make me want to puke. So on Friday evening I went back with a shopping bag and collected about a pound or so from the tree, perching myself along a nearby brick wall with, some might say, a sense of bravery inconsistent with my agility. No, I did not fall. Sorry. This story would be a WHOLE LOT FUNNIER (or more tragic) if I had. Instead, I got home and -- upon a quick internet search -- realized that what I had were mulberries and not blackberries. Blackberries, I suddenly remembered, grow on thorny bushes and not trees. Mulberries are a little bit longer and thinner than blackberries, and not as sweet, but still pleasant tasting. I also had six or so mangos in my fridge, which my Mom had given me a week or so before. My mango consumption cannot hope to keep with that number of mangos; I generally find mangos to be a

What I'm Listening to This Week: Meat Puppets II

I can't stop listening to this album. I'm literally on my tenth or twelfth run-through today alone. I'm obsessed. Let's back up a step... I've always loved Nirvana 's MTV Unplugged Album, especially the songs "Lake of Fire," "Oh Me," and "Plateau" which Kurt Cobain plays on the album, crediting the Meat Puppets . Thus, I don't know why in the hell it's taken me so long to get into the Meat Puppets, but...that time has come. The album, released in 1984, is the Meat Puppets' second album (hence the Roman Numeral II, there, wiseguy). Supposedly this one was a big departure from their first album, which was pretty hardcore. I've not listened to that one yet, but I'm positive Meat Puppets II is a huge step forward. Meat Puppets II is a coherent work of art that skillfully combines punk, folk, and even funk for a really gritty, rusty, grungy kind of sound reminiscent (or perhaps pre-saging) Neil Young's grun

Arrah & the Ferns

If you have any taste at all for country-inspired indie rock, or even if you just like good music, give Arrah & the Ferns a listen or two. Based in Philly (via Muncie, Ind.) these guys combine country, folk, and alternative rock for a sound that's a little bit of a throwback but with a contemporary spin. Country beats and Southern rock guitar work underlie Arrah Fisher's warm, country-girl-turned-city-vixen kind of voice. You can download their album FOR FREE here: The songs "Wake Up" and "Soldier Ghost" are particular favorites. In one of them Arrah sings about sending her fingernail clippings to the wife of her lover....whoa dude.

The Tornados

I don't know why but I'm going through this "60s instrumental Surf Rock" phase right now. This path has led me to an English group called The Tornados . Ever heard the song "Telstar"? That's them. They use a lot of keyboard/organ and shuffling work on the drums to create a weird, spacey, almost Asian-influenced kind of sound. Not surprisingly, it sounds precisely like what you'd imagine people in the 1960s (the first Space Age) thought Space Music should sound like. The song "Telstar" was in fact named after a satellite. Amid today's morass of different genres & styles of music, I'm called back to Surf Rock for its charming brightness and the way the songs follow a simple, guitar- or keyboard-driven melody line, dispensing with the verse-chorus-verse-chorus formula of other rock of the era. Surf Rock makes you feel like you're going somewhere, riding a wave, perhaps? There's also something heavily nostalgic about i

Cool Website:

Ever see some cool gadget or piece of kitsch in someone's home and wonder a.) where the hell they got it, and b.) why YOU never see or find out about cool stuff like that?  If so, check out every once in a while, they've got loads of cool stuff, everything from kitchen gadgets, to T-shirts, to furniture, to...stuff that serves no real purpose but just looks cool. And no, they are not paying me to write this post, so therefore I have no reason to recommend them, other than they're awesome. Even if you don't plan to buy anything (I still don't think I have yet), it's just fun to look at and see some of the kooky stuff they have for sale. Check 'em out...