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Psychedelic Square: My cover story

Here's a link to my cover story in NUVO Newsweekly: Check it out! It's about the vibrant & growing underground music scene in a gritty but artist-laden neighborhood called Fountain Square. The product of about a year or so of checking out these local bands and reviewing shows...and of one intense week during which I immersed myself in this scene and got to know the people making it happen. Hope you like it!

Cover Story in NUVO this week...

Has it been a MONTH since I've last written??? Shee-it... Well, I've got something big to report: I've got a cover story Indianapolis' alternative weekly newspaper, NUVO, about the emerging underground/psychedelic music scene in the city's Fountain Square neighborhood. It's the product of a year or so of covering shows all over the city, and of gradually narrowing my focus toward the group of innovative indie rockers living and playing in the Square right now. Even more recently, it happened after about a week in which I conducted dozens of interviews and spent at least four nights down there hanging out at the Brass Ring, Mediumship, and a couple of other important places down there. This has been, without a doubt, the most fun story I've ever worked on in my career as a reporter/journalist. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out! I will post a link.