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Halloween Book Recommendation: American Pscyho

Most of you out there have probably already seen the film American Psycho (2000); however, if you liked it I would highly recommend reading the book, by Bret Easton Ellis (1991). Brief Synopsis: A young Manhattan business man appears to have everything: money, good looks, a good job, a beautiful girlfriend. However, his obsessive attempts to wear the right clothes, go to the right restaurants, have the right opinions, produce in him -- instead of satisfaction -- a deep frustration that turns into violence and he becomes a serial killer, while maintaining a perfect facade of sanity to his friends and fact, the facade is so perfect that by the end of the book there is a substantial question as to whether or not he actually committed any of the murders at all. Review: The main character, Patrick Bateman, is so hilariously and impossibly superficial that he's almost like a robot; he obsessively catalogs and describes in detail the designer of every article of cloth

Film: Color Me Kubrick

You probably haven't heard about this film, Color Me Kubrick . It flew pretty far below the U.S. radar...and perhaps everyone's radar. But it's worth a viewing if for no other reason than to watch a hilariously funny performance by John Malkovich . Basically, a gay con-man goes around pretending to be Stanley Kubrick in order to get money and sexual favors from just about everyone he encounters. Only the police can't catch him because no one wants to go on the record as having been one of his "victims" because of the public embarrassment that would ensue. What makes this movie is Malkovich, no questions asked. Without him it might be just another mildly interesting British indie comedy. And...maybe it still is. But Malko is just incredible to watch on screen. He completely owns and absorbs himself into any role he has to play...while still being himself. That, is an achievement. Malko is so odd-looking and so earnest and has such a gift for playing tragi