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Things that irritated me about voting THIS time...

Voting is always a strange experience. For months there's all this weird hype about the General Election, the importance of voting, blah blah blah...and so you feel like the moment you walk into the polling place the skies are going to open up and the Hand of God is going to come down and give you a ballot and a golden quill pen as a heavenly light beam shines down upon you... Wrong. You pretty much just walk into the polling place; usually a school or other type institution. People greet you. They hand you a piece of paper or direct you to a voting machine. And, if you're like me and you vote a straight ticket, voting is a pretty quick and oddly unsatisfying process. You fill in one single dot or press one single button. And...that's it. No fanfare. No marching band waiting for you outside the door. No phone call from your candidate. All you get is a paltry little sticker and the sense of pride (hope, really) that you didn't do anything wrong and that your vote w