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Founders Red's Rye pale ale

I don't know if Founders ' beer is available in other parts of the country outside the upper Midwest (is there such a region??) but if you can find this beer, try it. Hell, try anything by Founders. They make damn good craft beer. The brewery is based in Grand Rapids, Mich. so it's pretty popular and easy to find in Indiana but I don't know if it travels. Kind of like a mellow but full-bodied IPA. Has a little bit of that IPA bite to it but a nice toasty flavor. Very drinkable and the hops don't overwhelm your palate.

Boehner says Obama Trying to "Annihilate" the GOP

Well just cry me river, J.B. First of all, this is the same party that blatantly said back in 2009 that their main goal--over and above actually getting anything DONE--was to "make Obama a one-term president." Secondly, the Republicans are going to self-destruct on their own, going the way of the horse and buggy: they will appeal to a smaller and smaller group of people who are stuck in an increasingly ignorant and backward-thinking mindset, until the party becomes nothing more than an oddity. Thirdly, I hope he actually DOES annihilate the current Republican party. Do them a favor. What they need is a re-brand. They've got enough corporate types in their ranks. Can't they figure this one out? Annihilation is exactly what they NEED, so they can re-group into a more ideologically-sound and more forward-thinking party. The intelligent, progressive, moderate members of the party will coalesce and move forward, the angry, dreamy, backward-looking members of the party w

What I'm listening to...

I work from home and I love music, therefore I listen to a LOT of it and I need a steady diet of new finds in order to keep me from going insane with boredom. Here's what I'm rotating this week, mostly: 1.) The Moving Sidewalks - late-60s gritty guitar rock. Supposedly a big influence on ZZ Top but I don't hear the similarity (unless I've been listening to the wrong ZZ Top records (tho don't get me wrong ZZ Top has its place)). This is one of those "How the f--- did I never hear about these guys before" kind of bands. Only one album to chose from, so won't be that tough to chose one. 2.) Mozart's Marriage of Figaro - because sometimes I like to feel like I'm an intelligent cultured man. I know absolutely nothing about opera but, like with anything, if you listen to it enough you start to find an appreciation. Besides, every self-respecting Italian man eventually must get into opera. It's a fact. Fry your Saturday morning breakfast lis

FREE e-Book! Zombie City, by Thomas Katz

For a limited time only, you can download a free e-copy of ZOMBIE CITY the sensational new novel by a budding master of the Zombie Crime genre: Thomas Katz! Here's all you have to do: 1.) Go to 2.) Search for Zombie City (by Thomas Katz) 3.) Make like you're going to buy the book 4.) Enter this coupon code: CY53A 5.) Enjoy one of the most gripping crime novels ever written with Zombies in it! Hurry...this heaping dose of Zombies won't wait!!!

The Reluctant Dog Owner: Day 1

Anyone know this pooch?? If so, please contact me ASAP. I'm on Facebook & Twitter, or leave a comment on this post. I was blissfully going about my business on New Year's Day: taking a leisurely walk, planning on seeing a movie later in the day...when this pooch crossed my path and my day--and who knows? maybe my whole life--took an altogether different turn. After only one day my life has begun to revolve around this cute little beast. Now, every time I get ready to leave the house I have to think: "Did I walk the dog yet? How long will I be gone? Will she be okay here by herself?" Calculations that, until 24 hours ago didn't even occur to me. Furthermore, this seems to be one of the most domesticated pooches in history. She made herself right at home on my couch only 0.5 seconds after getting through my front door. Also, she insisted--absolutely insisted--on sleeping in my bed with me on the first night. Gotta go. More updates to come...