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The On-going EPL Side-Show that is Raheem Sterling

Add to the contract belly-aching (140,000 pounds per week not enough!), add to the mid-season vacations in the Bahamas, add to the weak and ineffectual league play, add to the behind the back whispering and shimmy-shammying he's caught on camera huffing nitrous oxide. Far be it for me to say what's right or wrong in the world and hey, the stuff's legal anyway. But if you're an eight or 10, or 50 (or whatever) million dollar a year athlete you gotta have it together better than to get caught huffing some nitrous. You only get so many "Get-out-of-Jail-Free!" cards in this world before people start realizing you're a flake. Use them on some REAL TROUBLE why don't you. Sheesh.

New Yorker Fiction Review: "The Freezer Chest" by Dorthe Nors

Issue: May 25, 2015 Rating: Meh Meh Meh Review: There were some words formed into sentences and paragraphs. The author mentioned a freezer chest somewhere in there. That's about all I have to say here. Life's too short to come up with really detailed explanations of why I don't like a completely pointless and unentertaining story just because The New Yorker deems it worthy of putting in their magazine. Ain't nobody got time for that. On to the next thing...

Blatter Out!!

You just HAD to know this was coming: Recently re-elected FIFA president Sepp Blatter just announced his resignation amid the eruption of a massive corruption scandal that saw the arrests of 14 top FIFA officials. BBC's coverage:

New Yorker Fiction Review: "My Life is a Joke" by Sheila Heti

Issue: May 11, 2015 I am a hipster. Rating: Meh Review:  Did you ever spend 10 minutes (or an hour, or five hours) reading something and then, upon putting it down, have no idea what you just read? Yeah. It just happened to me when I read this story... ...and yet somehow , because it was in The New Yorker , I feel like I'm the one who's wrong, like I'm the one who's missing something. But I also have a P.h.D. in Self-Contradiction, so I'm going with my initial instinct here, that this story is overly-quirky, excessively cute, under-wrought, and gave me a headache in a surprisingly short amount of time. The story was not completely without merit. There was a nice little nugget in there about a man who gets married young because he wants to have a "witness" to his entire life and, by marrying and producing children and grandchildren, he succeeds...until all of those people die off, that is. Sheila Heti has clearly got something going on, I&