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New Yorker Fiction Review: "The Prospectors" by Karen Russell

Issue: June 8 & 15, 2015 Story: "The Prospectors" by Karen Russell Rating: $ Review: Knowing what I know about Karen Russell , I read this story with a very careful eye for when the "magic" was going to enter the story and, sure enough, right on schedule, the story's two protagonistas (if that's a word) find themselves at a lavish party in a secluded mountainside mansion...FULL OF GHOSTS! WHOA! Can you hear my sacrasm? If not, let me just tell you flat-out how little I care about hotels full of dead miners from the 1800s who don't even know they're dead yet.  What was much, much more interesting were the secret double-lives of the two female main characters, who drift around the country working odd jobs and worming their way into the acquaintance of "high society" types, where they then go to fancy parties and creep around their hosts' homes -- and sometimes sleep with them -- in the hope of making a big score

Newcastle Preserves a Point v. Southampton; Other Stuff Happens

I've been totally remiss in the soccer aspect of this blog (and the literature part, really, but's summer time) and there was a lot to blog about this summer in the soccer world...the U.S. Women winning the World Cup, the U.S. Men getting exited from the Gold Cup by Jamaica, MLS action, transfers. etc. etc. But all that is behind us now because the prems are back, baby! Here's a quick round up: Georginio Wijnaldum: New NUFC midfielder makes good in first game with a goal Newcastle 2-2 Southampton - This was an utterly "Newcastley" result...going down a goal, then tying, then going ahead! only to give up the equalizer in the last 10 minutes. But at least they held on for the point. Interesting that that three of this game's four goals came from headers of long, wide crosses, and the one that didn't (from Papis Cisse) came off a chested ball. I like that Cisse and the new guy Wijnaldum both broke their cherries in the first match, becau