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Book Review: A Life in Parts, by Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston's autobiography, A Life in Parts , is just the kind of book I like to read these days: easy, straightforward, short, engaging...and by Walter friggin White! Like his acting, the book is funny, direct, effective, and at times deeply emotional. It is not grandiose. It does not overreach. Cranston does not attempt to portray his craft as "magic" or more important than it is. Instead, he talks about his craft just as a really intelligent brick layer would talk about his. He clearly loves acting and has dedicated his life to it, but it's his work , he does it for pay and at the end of the day he doesn't let it define him. I think this is an effect caused by the fact that he achieved "fame" so late in his career. He spent his 20s, 30s, and 40s, hacking out a living doing bit parts and whatever TV roles came his way until Malcolm in the Middle and then ultimately Breaking Bad in his 50s. And he's got the humility to prove it.