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Book Review: Above the Waterfall, by Ron Rash

I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I love books set in small cities and rural surroundings and about the people who live there. There are enough books written about New York City. I also love it when a book can cross-over between genres. Like a crime novel that has literary elements to it, or a literary book that has noir elements to it, etc. I think Ron Rash kind of tries to do that here, but I wish he'd gone a little further in the "pulp" direction. Above the Waterfall is set in the mountains of North Carolina, in a small rural community that has seen its cultural -- if not physical -- landscape changed over the past 10 to 15 years by the coming of an upscale resort and also by the coming of methamphetamine into the community. A sheriff in his final days in office must contend with the clash of a few different characters in the community who find themselves at odds. In the process, he saves an old friend's property and restores peace to the comm

Movie Review: Get Out (2017)

Can't believe it took me almost an entire year to see this film but it was worth every second. There was not a single "look at your watch" moment; from the very beginning of the film I was riveted. This, my friends, is entertainment. Here's what I loved about it: Setup: Going into the film you already know the "basic" plot, and it's already squirm-inducing. A black guy gets trapped amidst a group of suburban white folks who want to do him harm. You know the basic outline, but you have no idea how it's going to play out. This is a far more effective method than you might think, and is especially common in the horror/thriller genre. But, even as far as these thriller movie type setups are concerned, you have to admit this is a pretty bold and extremely uncomfortable one. Who wants to talk openly and frankly about Race in this country? Not many people and even fewer white people. So why not do what we've been doing for centuries (maybe milleni

Podcast Guest Appearance: The Old Fashioned

This past year I guest-starred on my friend Eric Konon's podcast, called The Quaff . It's a really awesome podcast in which he discusses a different drink every week. You should totally listen to the other episodes -- not just the one about The Old Fashioned -- in which I appear. But you should definitely listen to my episode. Listen to:   The Quaff, Season II Episode One, The Old Fashioned , hosted by  Eric Konon  and guest starring me... Eric and I go way back to the mid-2000s when we shared an apartment in Park Slope Brooklyn with what seemed, at times, like at least eight other people but was actually only two. We stayed in touch over the years, he even did some awesome graphic design work for an upcoming book series I have yet to finish, called The Motorcycle Zombie . Actually there is one version available online now (I think). Anyway...last year I listened to this awesome podcast series (Season 1) and asked if there was a way I could be a part of it. If you lis

New Yorker Fiction Review #193: "A Small Flame" by Yiyun Lee

Review of a short story from the May 8th issue of The New Yorker... There was a chick named "Bella" and she did some stuff. I really did not care for this story.