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1812 Brewery in Cumberland, Md.

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1812 Brewery (Photo credit:

I stumbled upon 1812 Brewery while fishing Evitts Creek one day earlier this spring, during the early days of the COVID quarantine. The micro-brewery -- housed in an old barn (built in 1812) -- is situated on a small rise on Mason Rd. where it separates from the creek for a while. Most businesses, at that time, were closed. But I saw a small, flashing "open" sign in the window, so I went in to have a look. 

Since then I've tried most of their styles of beer, my favorites being the Base Camp Cream Ale and the Farm Use Lager. Also just recently tried the Moro Blood Orange ale, which was awesome. Not only is it a way to support a small local business but they make damn good beer and you know it's always fresh. 

Unless you're staying or live somewhere near Cumberland, it's probably unlikely you're going to get off the highway and make it out to 1812 Brewery, but if you're a micro-brew connoisseur (I am not, necessarily, I just love beer) it's absolutely worth the trip through Cumberland and the western Maryland hills to try out this gem. Only just now that that quarantine regulations have loosened up are they starting to have live music again and people are able to sit out on the patio area, so autumn would be a perfect time to check it out. 

So yeah, come to think of it, get your ass off of Route 68 for 20 minutes and get out to 1812 Brewery, buy a growler or couple four-packs. You won't regret it.