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  • Zombie City (2012) - Zombie crime novella that I wrote during the summer of 2010 and self-published it in 2012 under the pen name Thomas Katz. I had been working on another project called Motorcycle Zombie, when I read a book called The Friends of Eddie Coyle that changed my life. Using the zombie genre, I conceived of a crime novel in which the zombies can talk and reason like human beings. I had an incredible blast writing this novella and I hope you have as much fun reading it! (To buy a copy, click on the link in my "Books" page!)
  • From 2011 through 2014 I covered the local indie rock music scene in Indianapolis for NUVO Magazine. The following story, called "Psychedelic Square" is the cover story I wrote for the magazine in the summer of 2012. It chronicled the growth and flourishing of the psychedelic rock scene in Indianapolis and was the culmination of a year or so of in-depth (and super fun) reporting. For additional samples of my music writing, click here and search my last name!
  • The Mineral Water - This is a blog I set up in the fall of 2016 to write about fitness, fashion, dating and of course mineral water! This started out as just a blog about mineral water but my love of fitness and other self-improvement topics like dating and fashion led me to expand it and I hope you enjoy!
  • Soccer Stuf - - This is a soccer website I recently set up with my cousin, to focus on international soccer news and commentary. If you like soccer, check us out...and write for us!!